IUSD’s Volunteering System (Raptor)
Listed below are updates and resources regarding our volunteer system, Raptor.

  • Returning Volunteers: Any parent who is a returning volunteer, and has filled out the volunteer application, will automatically have their volunteer profile reactivated. Please note that parents must fill out the online volunteer application each year to ensure we have the most up-to-date information. If they are a returning volunteer who has filled out the online application this year, they can begin using the kiosk on the first day of school and shouldn’t have to have their ID scanned again. Parents new to the district will need to have their ID scanned or photo taken on their first visit to volunteer.
  • New CA ID: Raptor has resolved the issue with new CA IDs not being scanned into the system. Your PC tech has been advised to install an update that should fix the issue. Please check with your tech to make sure that the update has been installed. If it has and you still have issues, please email the help desk.
  • Help Center Guides:
  1. Online Volunteer Application Guide for Parents
  2. How to Sign in and out of the Visitor/Volunteer Kiosk


PTA Tech Presentations
The IT Team in IUSD can present to your PTA meetings on all things tech in IUSD! Below are some options for us to be involved with your PTA.

  • Parenting in the 21st Century- a 45-minute presentation outlining IUSD’s approach to technology in the classroom, our safety measures with data privacy and digital citizenship, and tips and tricks for keeping your kids safe in an online world. 
  • Round Table Talks- If you have any meetings that include round table discussions, we would be happy to lead a table talk around technology use in IUSD. This is a more informal approach where parents can ask questions at the moment.
  • How-To Training for Creating a Parent Observer Account in Canvas and Accessing Parent Portal- we can lead a workshop where parents walk away understanding our learning management system and how they can access it. This workshop typically takes about an hour. Please let us know if you are interested in a Tech Presentation and we can coordinate a time that works for your team.