Social Media Guidelines and Disclaimer Sample - from CAPTA:



The following is an extraction from the guidelines above:
Please follow these guidelines when commenting on the "ABC PTA" social media: 

  • Be Relevant Stay on topic. 
  • Be Respectful Keep things civil. Avoid abusive or offensive language, threats, hate speech, libels and calls for violence. And don’t make jokes about the misfortune of others.
  • Be Honest Use your real name. Don’t post commercial messages. Don’t publish copyrighted material that belongs to someone else.
  • Be Discreet Don’t publish telephone numbers, addresses or other personal information about yourself or others.
  • Be Responsible Think about what you write before posting. Users are solely responsible for what they post.


Disclaimer SAMPLe:

This disclaimer sample is for Facebook but it can be extended to the other social media.

Sample Facebook Disclaimer on CAPTA