PTAs should use the 3-to-1 Rule: There should be at least three non-fundraising programs aimed at helping parents or children or advocating for school improvements, for every one fundraiser. 

We have created this Google Doc as a place where everyone can collaborate and help each other out with programs that are working for their school. 
Here are a few of the programs we have highlighted this year:
Mother Daughter Tea and Guys Night 
IUSD has established guidelines for these sensitive programs and can be found here
100 Mile Club
Click here to watch a quick podcast of the 100 Mile Club and you can read about 100 Mile Club in the news here.
Freedom Committee of Orange County
The members of the Freedom Committee of Orange County bring with them a “Living History” of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  More information can be found on their website:
Spelling Bee
Click here for enrollment guidelines.
Click here to see past Spelling Bee winners from IUSD.

If you are new to spelling bees, you can reach out to the following schools that have spelling bees for guidance: Culverdale, Greentree, Jeffrey Trail, Lakeside, Sierra Vista, South Lake, Turtle Rock, Vista Verde and Woodbury.
Some spelling bees are organized by the school (ex. a teacher) and others are coordinated by the PTA.  Consult your principal.
There are 2 enrollment fees: Orange County Department of Education enrollment fee of $130.
More information can be found at
Scripps National Spelling Bee enrollment fee: $151(early bird) or $226.
More information can be found at
Academic Pentathlon
This is for grades 6-8. Information can be found at
The following schools participate: Culverdale, Lakeside, Plaza Vista, and Vista Verde.
National Geographic Bee
This is for grades 4-8. If your school is interested in hosting a National Geographic Bee, information can be found at
Registration fee is $120 through 12/21/2017. Then it increases to $140 until registration ends on 1/26/2018.
A paid employee at your school must register your school.